Traders are looking to sell the Brent Crude

Brent Crude has been fallen from a high of 107.65 to a low of 44.00, mainly because of the imbalances in the demand and supply of the commodity. Slight correction … Continue Reading →

The Best Time frames to Trade

Forex is a 24 hour market. By that, I mean that Forex is active round the clock. One can trade both night and day. However there is a specific time … Continue Reading →

Bearish Sentiment on USDJPY – 21 June 2015

USDJPY has been responsive, lately. Its been an ‘easy’ trade. We made above 70pips the last position on this pair. Analyzing this pair, it has a level at 123.20. It … Continue Reading →

Traders eye the 1.5803 level in GBPUSD – 19th June 2015

The GBPUSD has recently broke the 1.5804 in a bullish strong move. But, it might come back to test that level that it broke before shooting for the upside of … Continue Reading →

How many currency pairs do you trade?

Part of the reasons why traders do not do well in the currency market is the ‘sin’ of monitoring too many currency pairs. Amatuer traders delve into the market with … Continue Reading →

Bullish Sentiment on USDJPY – 14th June 2015

USDJPY – Looking to buy Price opened up slightly below at support of 123.20. The overall market trend is bullish making us to have a bullish bias of this pair. … Continue Reading →

Patience is a Virtue!

The game of patience Patience is a virtue! According to Christains, it is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Yea, because a little bit of waiting before embarking … Continue Reading →

Short Bias in USDJPY – 05 June 2015

It has been a profitable week. We made over 200 pip on the Brent Crude. This week looks promising, also. We have some levels right here. Traders are short bias … Continue Reading →