USDJPY heads for 121.55 support level

USDJPY has been trending upward since 2012. Now the pair is seeking to find support at 121.55. Traders can seek to sell this pair. When markets open tomorrow, traders should … Continue Reading →

Brent Crude eyes 44.09 support level

Brent Crude is now eyeing 44.09 level after series of downtrend. According to our previous signal, which was extremely profitable, a resistance of 53.98 exists above current price. Traders all … Continue Reading →

It is all about support and resistance

Have you ever wondered why currency pairs, commodities and share price index stop and reverse at a particular point? I’ll bet, you have. The anwer is simple: Supports and resistances. … Continue Reading →

Will Brent Crude ever appreciate again?

The liquid gold, as it is popular called, has been experiencing a great deal of decline in value for the past one year. This is not unconnected with the fact … Continue Reading →

How to enter a 100% profitable position

Yep! You read right: how to enter a fail proof and 100% probability winning trade. What we see around the internet is how somebody can enter a position not being … Continue Reading →