Levels to Watch! (GBPJPY, USDCAD, EURNZD)

Hello Traders, hope you are having a nice time taking some of the market moves. It was a successful week. However, let us talking about possible trade levels we should … Continue Reading →

Bullish sentiment on EURUSD

EURUSD has been trending down since the beginning of last year. It found support at the low of 2003. The market look like it has found a resistance at that … Continue Reading →

Sell Sentiment on the USDJPY

Free Signal – Sell Sentiment on the USDJPY – 26 August 2015 USDJPY has suffered previous days of huge downtrend. Japan is exporting country. Because of that, they very comfortable … Continue Reading →

Sell sentiment GBPUSD

Free Signal – Sell sentiment GBPUSD – 26 August 2015 The Cable broke the support level of 1.5497 and its trying to test the level again before further downtrend. Traders … Continue Reading →

South Africa Rand hits a fresh low since 2002

South Rand hits a fresh low South African Rand is at the 2002 low of 12.6617. What this means is that the only currency that is traded on the spot … Continue Reading →

USDJPY heads for 121.55 support level

USDJPY has been trending upward since 2012. Now the pair is seeking to find support at 121.55. Traders can seek to sell this pair. When markets open tomorrow, traders should … Continue Reading →

Brent Crude eyes 44.09 support level

Brent Crude is now eyeing 44.09 level after series of downtrend. According to our previous signal, which was extremely profitable, a resistance of 53.98 exists above current price. Traders all … Continue Reading →

Traders are looking to sell the Brent Crude

Brent Crude has been fallen from a high of 107.65 to a low of 44.00, mainly because of the imbalances in the demand and supply of the commodity. Slight correction … Continue Reading →

Bearish Sentiment on USDJPY – 21 June 2015

USDJPY has been responsive, lately. Its been an ‘easy’ trade. We made above 70pips the last position on this pair. Analyzing this pair, it has a level at 123.20. It … Continue Reading →

Traders eye the 1.5803 level in GBPUSD – 19th June 2015

The GBPUSD has recently broke the 1.5804 in a bullish strong move. But, it might come back to test that level that it broke before shooting for the upside of … Continue Reading →