If it is not clear, don’t trade (don’t shoot)

If it is not clear, don’t trade (don’t shoot)

What I am going to talk today about is one character that differentiates an expert trader from an amateur trader. Knowing how to switch on your computer, opening your trader software and placing a position is quite different from taking an objective view of the market and taking trades that have high profit-risk ratio. This made me to think about one of the instructions our chief marksman gave when he was training us on how to become good snipers. He said, ‘make sure that you zeroed in on a target and shoot to kill, not to shoot to make him know that he wanted to be killed. ‘ We are going to talked about the importance of properly analyzing the market, stacking all probabilities in our favour and then finally pulling the trigger.


Psychology, they say constitutes about 80% of a trading system, and I couldn’t agree with it more. Two traders taught by the same master cannot produce same result, ‘why?’ you ask. It is because the profitable trader waits, zeros in on his ‘target’ and takes the shot. He doesn’t shot like a machine gunner; who sprays bullets everywhere, hoping he will get a victim and at the end of the day loses his target ( profit).

Here in AheadMarket, we teach our traders what forex signals to wait for, how to wait for the signals, and how to trade the signals, profitable; stacking all probabilities of winning in our side. E.g levels. this is one system that works. The banks, hedge funds and big institutions use this particular trading system and it took me several years of research to discover this. I came to find out that there are places in the market where traders take their positions and places where they exit the market (taking their profits or regulating their currencies, as the case may be)

If there is anything to take away in this article, let it be; wait for the market to come to you, don’t go about chasing the market, you will be crushed. How do you do that? Have some particular predefined rules of trading forex. Wait for those rules to be met and then finally, calculate your risk and take a more objective position. Here in AheadMarket, we take a practical view of the market. We teach our traders how to identify those places that the Big banks are also watching in order to make amazing profits.

Join us today and you will be happy you did. You will be taught how to trade like the banks trade!

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