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Brent Crude has, supposedly, come to the end of its life cycle. It was fun while it was with us. Many are the reasons for this; ranging from supply imbalances to the fast replacement of the Crude by other forms of greener energy. Today we are going to explore the price technicalities behind the Crude and ways traders can take possible profitable trades therein. After all, that’s all we are about 🙂

Up until last few years, the Brent Crude has been soaring high and has reached a peak of 147.27, precisely. For the last few months, oil has been recording several streams of losses, and its now currently at 35.73.

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35.73 is a very significant and pivotal level. Traders should watch this level. Traders should aim at shorting given any significant retracement. Once the price heads south, the 2002 level at 25.75 is going to contain price temporarily. But because of fundamental weaknesses, it is going to sink lower.

Traders should be careful of buying oil, beacause it is fast losing its value.

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