Levels to Watch! (GBPJPY, USDCAD, EURNZD)

Hello Traders, hope you are having a nice time taking some of the market moves. It was a successful week. However, let us talking about possible trade levels we should … Continue Reading →

Profiting from the U.S Non Farm Payroll news

Trading the news is undoubtedly one of the difficult condiments of trading. Traders are unsure about the direction of currencies when these volatile news are released. Therefore, they resort to … Continue Reading →

How risky are your trades/positions?

What margin do you enter trades with? How much of your capital do you ‘stake’ in the market? This right here is the topic most traders have chosen to ignore. … Continue Reading →

The end of Brent Crude? – Free Signal

Brent Crude has, supposedly, come to the end of its life cycle. It was fun while it was with us. Many are the reasons for this; ranging from supply imbalances … Continue Reading →

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Really? You think that by analysing so many variables, like the guys in MBNC or CNN Business etc, that you will make better trades? Seriously? You think that spending 25 … Continue Reading →

An insight into the Naira plunge

The Naira has, during the last several months, experience a downturn. It has been trending down, becoming almost worthless to the attention of economists and policy makers. Policymakers seem not … Continue Reading →

Bullish sentiment on EURUSD

EURUSD has been trending down since the beginning of last year. It found support at the low of 2003. The market look like it has found a resistance at that … Continue Reading →

Sell Sentiment on the USDJPY

Free Signal – Sell Sentiment on the USDJPY – 26 August 2015 USDJPY has suffered previous days of huge downtrend. Japan is exporting country. Because of that, they very comfortable … Continue Reading →

Sell sentiment GBPUSD

Free Signal – Sell sentiment GBPUSD – 26 August 2015 The Cable broke the support level of 1.5497 and its trying to test the level again before further downtrend. Traders … Continue Reading →

If it is not clear, don’t trade (don’t shoot)

If it is not clear, don’t trade (don’t shoot) What I am going to talk today about is one character that differentiates an expert trader from an amateur trader. Knowing … Continue Reading →